I take a secret peek from the balcony window towards the pavement below - not that Kenji and Little Brother will ever notice that I'm spying on them - and spot them fetching their bikes. It doesn't matter that I'm three floors away, I can perfectly see how Little Brother's eyes light up his face. As if his entire surroundings are beaming with anticipation: he is going to ride his bike with papa, and, on "the proper road"!
Kenji made a deal with both the boys. Big Brother could go biking with him on Monday and Little Brother on Thursday. I wasn't sure if it was such a good plan to set these fixed days, because plans can quickly change around here and I didn't want to see the boys disappointed. But Kenji decided that he would stick to it, no matter what.

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Today's words I write for someone I know who is awfully sad. There are probably lots of you out there, somewhere hidden in anonymity, who are sad as well. Who are perhaps too worn out to let their sadness surface, or too busy, or who assume they have outsmarted sadness and blocked it for once and for all.

Life is messy and life is unkind - just as life is beautiful and fair. Life is life and as much as people like to believe they have choices in life, I'm convinced life makes those choices for you. You just have to follow. Once you dare to surrender, that following becomes a kind of flowing state, where you won't feel the need to label life as anything other than life anymore.

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And, just as she suggested, we got ourselves a bottle of sparkling wine and celebrated The End of Prednisone. Kenji was out after half a glass - he hasn't been drinking alcohol in ages - and I was left with the rest of the bottle. Not that I minded...
However we aren't in a party mood. I don't want to spoil the rosy picture (not that I've been painting one) but the truth is, that our entire family seems to be on the search for balance, after Prednisone has left the building. And the search isn't a festive one, but one that requires a lot of hard work and an equal amount of love.

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Thank goodness. Our problem child is pretty normal.

All joking aside, we are relieved to recognize our eldest in the test results that were presented this week. He is a super fast reader but not ahead of his class in maths. It was something we had concluded ourselves without any tests and it is only reassuring that the facts match our gut.
And with the problem limited to reading, the problem isn't such a big problem at all. School has a special reading programme, based on reading levels instead of grades. So twice a week, Big Brother will leave his class to go and read with older children, to be able to work on his own level. Sounds like a plan, right?

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As of tomorrow, Kenji is completely off Prednisone.

[Sometimes the most breaking news can be captured in one line only.]

The last time Kenji tried cutting back on Prednisone - we're talking spring 2013 here - resulted in a terrible flaming up of graft-versus-host-disease in various parts of his body. Kenji responded so badly to the absence of his least favorite drug, that he had no choice but to start his intake again in the summer of that year.
And now it's autumn 2014 and Kenji is finally back on 0 milligrams again. Let's just see how it goes.

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